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Our Journey

LCNL - Family-Focused Hospitality

The founders of Jara Beach Resort have brought an entirely new family-style dining concept to the island. Jollof by Jara bridges the gap between affordable and quality indulgence, in a family-style setting perfect for celebrations and those seeking an authentic west-African themed dining experience. Service and abundance are guaranteed.

Jollof by Jara has a 10-table restaurant, rustic bar, and children’s playground. Like the cuisine, the experience provides a blend of modern and traditional, with state of the art, custom ordering process and curated art collection displayed on Jollof’s stunning double-story central restaurant wall. 

Jollof represents an entirely new way of dining. Celebrating west-African cuisine in a beautiful family-run, family-focused setting. 

The choice for lunch and dinners, private parties, and group celebrations, Jollof is open from 11am to 9pm, seven days a week.

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